About Us

It is all temporary

Body-art – drawing/painting on the human body – is the trend for anyone who wishes to have a temporary (i.e. removable) tattoo. Body-art creations that use henna instead of paint, unlike “real” tattoo, are not a life-long engagement – they are temporal.

Profitable business

We offer a good business opportunity for beauty salons and hairdressers, where a customer may want to add a temporary tattoo made of sequins. Our “ tattoos” are also ideal for kids birthday events. Try our stensils, and you will not regret it!


Stenciled temporary tattoos using henna and sequins can last for 1-2 weeks on the skin. We are the designers of these stencils and we offer a wide array of exciting tattoo stencils. Feel free to call to us for more details.

Catalog and instructions

You can order a catalog accompanied by instructions. We are also willing to send you A4 pages with solidified samples to be displayed for potential customers. These pages can be compiled, if you wish, into a complete album of samples. These extras come at a cost which we keep to a bare minimum.